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2021-22 Season

The Barefoot Academy is a year-round program which utilizes the uniquely effective Barefoot Method to develop mastery and style through a completely different language and learning environment.  Our foundation is rooted in authentic futsal DNA and the original version of the game (Futbol de Salon).  Throughout the year we train in many different disciplines specifically designed and tied together with the Barefoot Method: Futbol Sala (Fifa Futsal), Futbol de Salon (the original), Futbol (Grass), Freestyle Futbol, Futbol Playa (Beach Soccer), takraw, foot volley, teqball, and Capoeira. 

Weekend play opportunities are targeted to aid mastery and development.  The include an age appropriate mix of in house play, friendlies, festivals, tournaments, and league play in soccer, beach soccer, futbol sala, and futbol de salon.  Opportunities to compete in other futbol disciplines such as freestyle, panna, and teqball will also be sprinkled in.

Academy Overview

Age 2014-2010 ($1,700).  Includes:

  • 4.5 hours of training per week (1.5 hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday)
  • D-league OR other appropriate competition.  6 games per season (fall, winter 1, winter 2, spring)

Age 2017-2013 ($1,100).  Includes:

  • 2 hours of training per week (1 hour on Monday and Wednesday)
  • D-league.  6 games per season (fall, winter 1, winter 2, spring)