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The Registration "Barefoot Competitive Team Program" is not currently available.

Futsal Team Program: 2022/23 Season

This  program is open to all players regardless of their outdoor soccer club.  It is designed for the motivated player who wants to make futbol sala (fifa's futsal) and futbol de salon (the original version of the sport), as well as the Barefoot Method, a key part of their development path.  Players will train a minimum of 1x weekly with Barefoot coaches, focusing on mastery of technique and tactics integral to futbol sala and futbol de salon.  The Barefoot Method will be utilized to aid players and teams in developing authentic style, rhythm, and mastery in their game.


Returning players may register for the upcoming season

Evaluations for new players: 

If you are interested in being evaluated for the Futsal Team program, please contact

The 2022/23 Season will only run through Winter (End of january), there is no spring training this year.

Program Information

Ages: u9-u19

Approximate Training Times (Fall and Winter): 

  •  u9, u10 boys and girls: 3:00p-4:30p
  • u11, u12  boys and girls: 3:00p-4:30p
  • u13, u14, u15  boys and girls: 4:30p-6:00p
  • u16-u19  boys and girls: 4:30p-6:00p

Cost: Cost only includes training.  Uniform and league/tournament fees are additional.

Fall (10 training sessions): $300 

Winter (10 training sessions): $300


Fall: September 11, 18, 25; October 2, 9 (double session-all players 3:00-6:00p), 16, 23, 30; November 6

Winter: TBA

Futsal Team Competition Plan

Competitions for our teams will be specifically chosen  for each team and will not be limited to one particular futsal organization/entity.  All competitions will be "pay as you attend."  Opportunities could include:

  • festivals with other clubs
  • F5 winter league
  • Futbol Sala tournaments 
  • Futbol de Salon tournaments
  • friendlies

Barefoot Futbol Club

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