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Summer Camps 2022: For dedicated players and teams

Camp Dates:

  • Camp 1: June 20-23 (Monday-Thursday)**Waitlist/only open to high level players 2009-2006.  Contact
  • Camp 2: June 27-30 (Monday-Thursday)
  • Camp 3: July 25-28 (Monday-Thursday)  Cancelled due to USYF event
  • Camp 4: August 1-4 (Monday-Thursday)

Location: 2822 Commerce Dr. Rock Hill, SC

Hours:  9:00a-4:00p (3 training blocks, 1 competition/game block)

Players: Camps are intended for the serious and dedicated player age 2014 and up.

Camp Purpose:  

  • To provide an immersive experience in the Barefoot Method and culture 
  • To provide specific Team and Individual training in multiple disciplines of futbol in order to build mastery
  • To introduce serious young soccer players to new disciplines such as capoeira, freestyle, futsal, and beach, that will challenge and inspire these players while enhancing their soccer skill-set

Team Registrations:  These camps are specifically arranged to serve groups of 8-12 players who would like to train and play together as a team.  Teams will have 3 blocks of training as well as 1 competition block where players will compete with their teams, or in some cases as individuals, in various competitions. 

Individual Registrants:  Players may also register as individuals and will be grouped with other individuals for training and competition.     


Individual Registration

  • $325

Team Registration

  • $2400 for 8-10 players 
  • $2700 for 11 players
  • $3000 for 12 players


Summer 2022 Method Clinics: For young beginner-intermediate players

Clinic Dates:

  • June 15
  • June 29
  • July 20
  • August 3

Location: 2822 Commerce Dr. Rock Hill, SC


  • 6:00p-7:00p (age 2018-2016)
  • 6:00-8:00p (age 2015-2011)

Players: Clinics are intended for young beginner-intermediate players age 2018-2011.

Clinic Purpose:  

  • To provide an introduction to the Barefoot Method and build individual skill and coordination with the ball
  • To introduce young players to various disciplines of futbol such as futsal, futbol de salon, freestyle, and beach

Ages 2018-2016:  6:00p-7:00p.  The youngest players along with their parents will be introduced to the Barefoot Method and begin building a strong foundation in general coordination as well as futbol specific skills.  This age group will focus on individual skill with the ball and will introduce 1v1 play initially against parents, and then child-child for those who are ready.

Ages 2015-2011: 6:00-8:00p. Players who are rising u8 through rising u12 will focus on individual skill and mastery as well as 1v1 play.  These players will also be introduced to structured small-sided games designed to continue building individual skill and decision making.


  • 1 clinic: $20 per hour ($20/$40)
  • 4 clinics: $18.75 per hour ($75/$150)

Specialty Clinics: for all players age 2017 and up

Specialty Clinics for 2022:

  • Futbol Playa (beach soccer) clinics with Colombian National Team coach Santiago Alzate June 4-8 (details TBD).  
  • Goalkeeping clinics TBD
  • Freestyle clinics with professional freestyler Boyka Ortiz August 1-7 (details TBD)


Boyka Ortiz, Freestyle world champion and Barefoot coach