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Registration now open for Spring Classes

Barefoot Method Classes

This is where our secret formula, the Barefoot Method, lays it's unique foundation! 
We start with the Genesis Class for ages 3-6 years, which incorporates a revolutionary Parent-centric formula. Then players progress through multiple levels of skill development via our Method Class curriculum for ages 6-12 years, and then finish with our Advanced Method Class curriculum. Each class features our exclusive Barefoot Method.

D-League: Our Method Class Players between 5 - 9 years old are encouraged to also participate in our train & play D-League.  D-League provides the opportunity to use the skills that are being developed in modified/structured match play (3v3, 4v4).  

Barefoot Method training - features our special Formula for advanced player development. We offer expert instruction, rooted in authentic South American style Futsal, ALL of it's versions. We are passionate about technique & style too! To achieve this, we have designed a truly one of a kind curriculum incorporating various unconventional methodologies such as barefoot, blindfolds, music, control imprinting,  and complex manipulatives. Let's just say, it's probably not what you're used to, but we think you'll love it, especially the results!

Classes Include: 8 weekly classes (2 month commitment)
Drop in: Players can also drop in and test a class at a cost of $20 per hour at the door, space permitting.  Please email 24hrs in advance if you would like to drop in on a class


Our 8-week block dates, times and locations are shown on the first page of the registration process. Please click on the registration link to view class offering details.


Note for Genesis: 1st class is Parents Only. We overview, explain and prepare you for Method Barefoot.  Parents will participate in every class with their 3 - 5 year olds.


Gear: Yes, we train in bare feet, but also with shoes, so please come prepared with Futsal shoes, shin-guards too. Required gear: Barefoot Futsal training shirts, Futsal/flat sole shoes, and Futsal ball by week 2.    You have multiple options of shirts to order from the Barefoot FC Page at  Be sure to also scroll to the bottom of the Page and find other shirt options under Custom Fan Wear.