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Futsal in Charlotte
Charlotte Futsal Training
Youth Futsal Training for Soccer


The D - League is designed for those players 5 - 9 years of age that are not quite ready in their ability to commit to our Academy or Futsal Club Teams, but wish to continue to utilize futsal training in their soccer development.

These classes meet once per week for one hour.  The first 10-15 minutes is a group warmup that focuses on a specific technique or concept.  The last 45-50 minutes keep it interesting for our D - League players by placing them in various competitive small sided formats alongside other Barefooters.  There is no quicker way to help a player reach the Academy level than through this innovative offering.

The class is offered in 8 week session blocks which follow the same block scheduling as Method Classes. Please click on the registration link for current class days/times and cost. 

The 1-2 punch of Method Class + D-League is highly recommended! 

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