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The Registration "Barefoot School: Train and Study Program" is not currently available.

Barefoot School: Train and Study Program 2022-23

The Barefoot Futbol School is the highest level of commitment to the Barefoot Method and is intended for players birth years 2015-2007 who are dedicated to the Barefoot Developmental Pathway.

Training will include 3 hours of high quality Barefoot Method instruction incorporating all of our disciplines including  salon, soccer, sala, freestyle, beach and capoeira.  Training is focused on individual mastery and advanced interpretation/application. 

The Barefoot Method builds your total Futbolista mastery to a level conventional soccer club training just can't reach.  Our program incorporates futsal, beach soccer, capoeira, and freestyle soccer to name a few methodologies.  You will also be introduced to the other off the grid training methods Barefoot FC employs to develop some of the most skilled and creative players the Charlotte area has produced.  

The Barefoot Futbol School has helped to develop players who have gone on to represent on US Youth Futsal National Teams, Commit to D1 College soccer programs (including UNC Chapel Hill, University of Kentucky, and Wofford College), and become members of the MLS club Charlotte FC.

2022-23 Program Options and Schedule

Training Blocks:  Players will train for 3 hour blocks with a snack break about 1/2 way through the session (15-30 minutes depending on the day and need). 


  • Regular schedule Monday-Thursday training 11:30a-2:30p 


Study Blocks:  Players can study before and/or after Training blocks.  Players may also step out of training to attend a live class if necessary.  This must be discussed between the player, their parents, and the coach  in advance.  Training time should only be missed if absolutely necessary, players/parents/coaches will work together to make sure that training time and study time are appropriate.


  • Study block 9:00a-11:00a
  • extra study time 8:30a-9:00a; 11:00-11:30a; 2:30p-3:30p


Lunch and Down-Time:  Student athletes will be given breaks as needed (up to 20 total minutes) during their 9:00a-11:00a study time.  There are also scheduled breaks during the day.

  • Lunch/Recess break: 11:00a-11:30a 
  • Training break (15-30 minutes), exact time will vary, determined by the coach
  • Afternoon break: 2:30p-3:15p


Open play:  Monday-Thursday from 3:15p-4p we will hold open play/pickup futsal or beach games for those who have finished all of their work.  This is open to all the kids at futsal school at no additional cost.  It is also open to kids outside of the school.  Cost is $10 for players outside of the school.  

Open gym:  this is an opportunity for players to train on their own in the gym.  

Monday-Thursday Schedule: 

  • 8:30a-9:00a Drop off and optional study or Open Gym
  • 9:00a-11:00a Study
  • 11:00a-11:30a Lunch and Recess
  • 11:30a-2:30p Training
  • 2:30p-3:15p Afternoon break or extra study time
  • 3:15p-4p Open Play or extra study time

Cost/Payment Options


Pay in Full Options

  • 4 days per week (Monday-Thursday) Training only ($3,400)
  • 4 days per week (Monday-Thursday) Full day/Train and Study ($4,730)


Monthly Pay Options

  • 4 days training only (total cost $3,465; 9 payments of $385)
  • 4 days Full Day (total cost $4,815; 9 payments of $535)


Full-year commitment also includes free weekend training at either Method Class or Competitive Team training depending on player level, which is determined by the coaching staff.


Drop-in option: Players may drop in to a training session ($60) or for the full day/study and train ($100).  A monthly or weekly drop-in package may be created at the discretion of the coaching staff for players who are attending from out of town.

Important dates 2022-23

1st day of school: September 6, 2022

Last day of school: May 25, 2023

Fall break: Nov 23-25

Winter break: Dec 26-Jan 5

Spring break: April 6-April 13

1/2 days (training 9-12): Nov 11; Jan 12; April 5; May 25 (on 1/2 days, training is 9-12; no study blocks or open play)

Days off: Jan 16

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