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Genesis Class

Age 3 - 5

One night a week training to build the foundation of movement and body control needed to become a futbolista!

​Parent and child activity class which teaches both important movement exercises to build a future soccer player.

​Sessions are 8 weeks in duration and meet for one hour once per week.


Age 6 - 18

Designed to allow players to gain some Barefoot training while active in other sports and activities. Training exposes players to unique elements such as blindfolds, TAPS, hand juggling and a variety of balls and surfaces.

​Sessions are 8 weeks in duration and meet for one hour once per week.

Development league

Ages 5 - 10

The D - League is designed for those players that are not quite ready in their ability to commit to our Academy or Futsal Club Teams, but wish to continue to utilize futsal training in their soccer development.

These classes meet once per week for one hour.  The first 15 minutes are directed at skills training.  The last 45 minutes keep it interesting for our D - League players by placing them in various competitive small sided formats alongside other Barefooters.  There is no quicker way to help a player reach the Academy level than through this innovative offering.


Age 5 - 9

Academy teams represent our players with the deepest level of training commitment. Training includes all elements of the Barefoot Method.

Competition for the youngest players is initially limited but gradually increases as players develop. Competition events include internal festivals and friendly matches with other clubs as well as 3v3, 5v5, beach tournaments, futsal league play and outdoor tournaments. 

This is a 10 month commitment which includes two to three* 1.5 hour training sessions a week and competitions on select weekends. 

​* An additional weekly training night can be added.


Ages 8 - 18

The Barefoot Futbol Club Mastery Class is the closest approximation to all things Method Barefoot, short of attending our Immersion Trip in Medellin, Colombia or participating as a student in our academic  day school.  

In this 8 week class, you will learn the secrets of TAPS.  This is the portion of The Barefoot Method that  that builds your total Futbolista mastery, to a level conventional soccer club training just can't reach.  The Mastery Class  also incorporates futsal, beach soccer, capoeira, and freestyle soccer to name a few methodologies.  You will also be introduced to the other off the grid training methods Barefoot FC employs to develop some of the most skilled and creative players our country has to offer.

Access to this class is by permission only. Please email us to indicate your interest.


Age 6 - 18

Designed to allow players to continue their futsal development while playing on outdoor teams at other clubs. This program provides  Barefoot Method training during the late fall and winter with two training sessions per week in preparation to compete in the F5 futsal league and some futsal tournaments. If they qualify these teams may attend Regional and National Futsal events.

​This is a  November to late January/February program that offers team training and winter match play. Two training sessions per week (typically Monday and Wednesday evenings) as well as  winter league play.

Our Futsal Club Team Players are encouraged to participate in a Core and/or Mastery Class in the fall and spring to compliment this program.

** Please note the Futsal Club Teams may include multiple teams per age group and pending interest may expand to lower ages in future seasons.

USYF Development Academy

Ages 9 - 18

US Youth Futsal awarded a Futsal Development Academy designation to Barefoot as part of the inaugural 16 clubs in the nation. The Development Academy is designed to provide the highest level of training and competition available for Futsal in the US. It is also the beginning pathway to the Futsal National Team on which many Barefooters have represented their nation in past years.

​In order to continue to innovate in the Futsal space Barefoot has partnered with FUTSALA to provide a joint Development Academy program. Please visit our joint website for more information on this program and how to tryou out for the team. 


Ages 5 - 18

Join us Saturday Nights for Open Play!  The first fall session is September 8th.

New 3 Court Format with Cold Air Conditioning!

Parents: These Open Play opportunities are intended for kids to enjoy & explore their abilities in a unstructured environment, free of any coaching or please remember, JUST LET THEM PLAY.

Typical Sessions:(ages 5-8yrs), (ages 9-11yrs), (ages 12yrs & up)
Location: Comenius School 8160 Regent Pkwy, Ft Mill, SC 29715. 

All players must register yearly prior to their first session.  Those not registered will not be allowed to play.  After registering, a player need only RSVP for each session through the Sports Engine App and pay $5 at the door.

Click on the picture or the Open Play link above to be taken to our Open Play page where you can find the Registration link.
See you on the court!

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Contact Us Barefoot Futbol Club

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